Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Application


1. Architectural coatings: water-resistant putty for interior walls, various putty for exterior walls.

Improve the water retention, lubricity, thickening and bonding strength of putty.

Easy to scrape without powder. Better control of air infiltration, eliminate micro gaps, and form a bright and delicate coating surface.

Avoid cracks and dehydration caused by excessive water loss, increase the putty's adhesion, reduce sagging during construction, and make construction smoother.

2. Stucco plaster series

1). Among the gypsum series products, cellulose ether mainly plays a role of water retention and increased lubrication.

2). At the same time, it has a certain retarding effect, which solves the problem of drum cracking during construction and the initial strength cannot be reached, which can extend the working time.

3). Construction Mortar, Plastering Mortar, Masonry Mortar.

1. High water retention can fully hydrate cement and significantly increase the bonding strength.

2. At the same time, the tensile strength and shear strength can be appropriately increased, which greatly improves the construction effect and the work efficiency.

3. At the same time, it also improves the bonding performance, has anti-hanging ability, improves anti-shrinkage and anti-cracking performance.

4. External wall insulation mortar.

1. Cellulose ether plays a key role in bonding and increasing strength in this material, making the mortar easier to coat, improving work efficiency, and more resistant to vertical flow.

2. Higher water retention can extend the working time of the mortar, improve the shrinkage and crack resistance, improve the surface quality, and increase the bonding strength.

V. Used for tile adhesive (beneficial cement), marble and plastic decorative adhesive

1. Higher water retention can eliminate the need to soak or wet the tiles and base beforehand, significantly improving their bond strength.

2. The slurry can be applied for a long period of time, which is delicate, uniform, easy to construct, and has good anti-moisture properties.

3. It can prolong the cooling time and improve the efficiency of tiling. It has strong adhesion and can reduce the amount of cement and reduce costs.

Six. For interface agents.

Mainly used as a thickener, it can be used as a thickener, which can improve the tensile strength and shear strength, improve the surface coating, enhance the adhesion and adhesion strength.

Seven. Used for jointing agent, joint filler.

1. Has very good edge adhesion, higher abrasion resistance and lower shrinkage, preventing water leakage.

2. The high water-retaining property of cellulose can ensure that the slurry will not dry quickly and crack after application.

3, and protect the grassroots material from mechanical damage, to avoid the impact of penetration on the entire building.

Eight, honeycomb ceramics

In the new honeycomb ceramics, it imparts lubricity to the product, retains water and improves strength.